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La UII en Energía está  cofinanciada por el CDTI a través del programa EuroIngenio.


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UII ENERGIA is the R&D European Energy Projects Office. It is formed by a group of experts in International project management.

This Initiative is developed within the TecnoEuropa Program Frame, and it has been promoted by the Spanish Center of Technological Development (CDTI).

The UII has the collaboration and support of the Spanish Technological Platforms of Photovoltaic Energy, Wind Energy and Hydrogen and Fuel Cells.



What is a Unit of International Innovation?

The UII en ENERGIA is the R&D European Energy Projects Office. It is formed by a group of experts in International project management.

This Initiative is developed within the TecnoEuropa Program Frame, and it has been promoted by the Spanish center of Technological development (CDTI).


To whom the UII is focused?

The UII en ENERGIA is at the service of companies, either big ones, holding companies or SMEs, with activities in energy field, that interested in increasing its presence and participation in 7FP projects. The UII en Energia efforts are mainly focused in:

-      Companies who have never participated neither in the 6FP nor 7FP.

-      Companies that have participated in 6FP projects as associated, and wish to take the leadership in a 7FP project.

-      Companies that have participated in 6FP or in the 7FP in collective and/or Cooperative Research Project (CRAFT) and they whish to participate en Cooperation Program Projects.



The main UII objective is to promote the Spanish entities participation in FP7 projects for Research and Technological Development related to energy technologies, and mainly those ones related to solar, wind and hydrogen and fuel cells fields. The main European Project Programs of participation are:


  • European Research, Developmet and Innovation programs particularly the VII Frame Program (7FP),
  • Other European initiatives, such us, JTI JU on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell call for proposals,
  • Other European programs, such us, (Eurostar, Iberoeka...).



The free service provided for the UII are the following ones:


Ø  Information, dissemination and diffusion of Energy calls for the FP7



Ø  Proposals preparation advice and support:

·         Advice on the definition and evolution of the ideas

·         Support in creation or integration of consortiums

·         Proposal writing assistance


Ø  Approved projects management advise:


·    Individualized support to companies in the management of approved projects (assistance in preparation of deliverables and technical reports, support for the economic justification, etc ...).

·         Monitoring the project activities.

·         Assistance in the project result exploitation


·         Support for the project results dissemination


The UII will offer its services to facilitate the participation of Spanish companies in European Research Programs, and in particular in the FP7, in other initiatives like the JTI JU on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, and other European Programas as Iberoeka, Canadeka, etc ...


The 7th Frame Program

The 7th Frame Program (7FP) brings together all European initiatives related with Research and Investigation, under the same frame. This program has a main part in reaching the European growth, competitiveness and employ objectives. It is also complemented with the new Competitiveness and Innovation Frame Program (CIP), education and training programs, and the Structural and Cohesion Funds in support of the convergence and competitiveness of regions. It constitutes a fundamental base of the European Research Area (ERA)

The wide objectives of 7FP have been classified into four groups: Cooperation, Ideas, People and capacities. For each kind of objective an specific program has been set corresponding to the main areas of the European research policy. All the specific programs work in collaboration in order to promote and boost the creation of “scientific centers of research excellence”.

To get more information about the 7FP please visit the official website: This way, you will be sure of the validity of your information.

If you have any doubt, about 7FP, please contact us and we will be pleased of answering you, as soon as we can.


Links of interest

We present you a number of links that may be of you interes in order to participate in the 7th Frame Program and other international R+D+I programs.




If you wish to know more about the services that UII en Energía offers, please contact us at the following addresses:

Alberto Vegas: R+D Department Directorí

Marina López: Technical Management Department

UII en Energia has been granted to ARIEMA Energia y Medioambiente S.L., who will be in charge of developing and managing the UII activities.

Sector Embarcaciones, 24, Local 5,

28760, Tres cantos, Madrid

Tlf: 91.804.53.72/

Fax: 91.771.08.54







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